MARIONEXXES: Behind The Name

MARIONEXXES start blog by today since the band existence in 1997. This is some article back in 1990s from the old zine founded:

What is the MARIONEXXES all about?
It is the only BMX band in the world from Malaysia. They start as the BMX riders who fall in love into music.

Why the band name is MARIONEXXES?
The name refer to the mix of 3 words "Marionettes", "BMX" and "Sex". The alphabet 'X' in BMX and Sex is replacing the alphabet 'T' in Marionettes. Meanwhile, when it spell backward we might see Sex spell correctly, it was refer to the BMX which is don't even know either it is male or female.

It was start in 1997 when the kids who into the BMX lifestyle build up their idea to form a birthday party band in Singapore-Malaysia born, Ernie Nazira. She was then become the band frontier. Recruited by the fellow friends to play along with her is Dek Do, Jack, Piko and Johan. Then the band start to shine in the scene when they got lots of soap hard dance party performance invitation.

This article is taken from outdated Karma's Zine which is one of Singapore pop DIY zine circa 1990's.

For latest info about Marionexxes check out their link at:

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